APR 5 - MAY 10, 2019

Cut & Paste at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, NY. Opening reception: Apr 5, 6-9pm.

My piece titled brown rabbit will be included in this group exhibition! Cut & Paste features collage artworks by over 100 established artists, emerging artists, and collectives.

Featured artists include:
Bonnie Barber, Lou Beach, Lydia Boddie-Rice, Tyler Bohm, Michaela Borg, Heather Brand, Phil Carney, Erin Case, Joe Castro, Carl Chiarenza, Rebecca Clouatre, Angela Coates, Eugenia Conde, Bob Conge, Paulette Davis, Cheryl Dawdy, Richard Della Costa, Paul Dodd, Lynn Duggan, Jeremy Dziedzic, Allie Ellis, Brenda Erickson, Kathleen Farrell, Kurt Feuerherm, Judy Feuerherm, Karen Frutiger, Lois Gruberger, Adam Hale, Richard Harvey, Alicia Herbst, DaShon Hill, Nate Hodge, Bill Judkins, Amanda Kline, Morgan Lappin, Alejandro Lorenzo, Susan Mandl, Ravi Mangla, Judy Marshall, Joseph Mayernik, Lacey McKinney, Gerald Mead, Peter Monacelli, Patrick Moskwa, Lori Mulligan, Cory Peeke, Vincent Pidone, Sam Posso, Nicole Reddington, Leslie Rottner, Elizabeth Sibley, Clint Simmons, Jason Smith, Steven Specht, Nathan Stromberg, Werner Sun, Jeff Suszczynski, D Dargan Teska, Michele Vair, Anita Welych, Silvia Wladimirski.

Works from artist collectives, The Rochester Collage & Diorama League and The Kut-Uups, will be featured as well. The Rochester Collage & Diorama League artists include Nancy Bernardo, Kurt Ketchum, Adam Maida, Liana Meisenzahl, Laurie O’Brien, and Elizabeth Sawyer. The Kut-Uups artists include Johnny Brewton, Giselle Brewton, Mark Faigenbaum, E. Francis Kohler, Dan Melchior, Jeanne Storck, and Chris Veltri.


MAR 23 - APR 20, 2019

Gatherers at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, ON. Opening reception: Mar 23, 3-5pm. Artist Talk: Mar 23, 2-3pm.

The idea for Gatherers began with six artists’ desire to showcase various approaches to collage as a contemporary art medium.  As a body of work, the show opens up the definition of what collage can be; to include a range of techniques for assembling found images and objects by analog, photographic, and digital means. In each of their own ways, the works of the six artists: Regreta Brown, Rebecca Clouatre, Kristina Corre, Lori Langille, Olivia Johnston, and Amy Thompson present quiet techniques and quiet approaches to a medium that has been historically maximalist, loud, and jumbled.

While showcasing these unique approaches to collage was the original impetus for the show, the show's title: Gatherers is the rich, thematic jumping off point for the works in the exhibition. ‘Gathering’ describes an essential part of our practices. As gatherers, we are all involved in very careful, purposeful, and constant practices of collecting - our works are products of what we gather. In putting this show together, we’ve faced our collections to consider: beyond what we gather, how do we put it all together? How do we edit it down? How does the act of gathering relate to ideas of sustenance, ritual, ceremony, and what we hold sacred or precious? Who and how do we gather as people?